How Bale Back As Batman Can Be Done.


If you thought you’ve seen the last of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman on the big screen, maybe you should hold on for a second. There have been rumors that Bale is in talks to reprise his role as The Dark Knight in a 4th film. Here’s where things get a little more interesting. The obvious thinking and rumor that’s getting the most buzz is that Bale would appear in a Justice League movie along with “Man Of Steel” star Henry Cavill, but there are some people that feel a Justice League movie would not be the best way to expand the DC Universe on film. DC & Warner Bros. is obviously looking at the success of  The Avengers and would like to achieve that same success with their own team of superheroes. But Warner Bros. and DC haven’t been able to succeed where Marvel has. And that’s establishing solo, tent-pole/franchise movies for their characters leading up to a team up film. Packing everyone into a Justice League movie with no true introductions to the individual characters may not go well. Which is why the alternative option of doing a Batman/Superman “World’s Finest” movie would be the best way to go in my opinion. You would have the beginning of these worlds colliding and you can have cameos by certain characters that will have their own film and be involved in the Justice League. I would love to see a Justice League movie eventually, but I think a Batman/Superman movie would be the best way to go, first. Besides, that’s more movies with Batman and Superman and who wouldn’t want that?  There is however the issue of  continuity within the DC Universe when it comes to Batman or at least with Christian Bale as Batman. (Spoiler Alert!!! For the 3 people that didn’t see The Dark Knight Rises) When we last saw Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman he had faked his death after saving Gotham City from Bane, Talia Al Ghul and a nuclear bomb. He passed the mantle on to brave young cop turned detective John Blake and lived happily ever after with Selina Kyle (played tremendously by Anne Hathaway.) So if  Bale were to come back as Batman there would have to be some reason/explanation that he would return to the cape and the cowl instead of letting John Blake take care of things. This is where I step in and give my two cents on what could be done to make this legitimate on the big screen.

John Blake Must Die!!! –  A little dramatic? Maybe, maybe not. I think for Bruce Wayne to come back to Gotham City and become the bat again, something very big has to happen. I loved The Dark Knight Rises but there are some things that could be considered questionable with it’s it ending which I think would lead to the perfect opening for Bruce’s return. Bruce has always said Batman can be anyone, a hero can be anyone. In theory he’s correct, but John Blake wasn’t trained by The League Of Shadows and he wasn’t really portrayed as a great fighter in TDKR.  At the end of “The Dark Knight Rises” I wondered, did Bruce leave him a series of Taebo-like tapes instructing him how to defend himself and fight? Why should we expect John Blake to be good enough to handle the daily grind of being the caped crusader?  I think the perfect way to bring Bruce back to Gotham is to have John Blake killed in action as Batman, leaving the city unprotected and Bruce Wayne feeling extreme guilt for passing on the legacy to someone who just wasn’t ready for it. As Gotham City is in chaos Bruce comes to the realization that he and no one else is Batman and no matter what he does, he always will be. I think that could lead to numerous possibilities to make a great story. Does Alfred blindly support Bruce in his efforts to come back or does he try to talk him out of becoming the Batman once again? Does Selina Kyle support his decision or has she grown accustomed to her fresh start in life and tells Bruce it’s either her or Gotham?  I think they could do some great things with that.

John Blake/Azreal??? –  Another direction they could go in, is having John Blake letting the power of being Batman consume and take over him, becoming more aggressive and violent against criminals.  I think they could take some aspects from the character Azreal from the “Knightfall” story arc that would fit in very well if they went in this direction. Blake could seal off the batcave from the rest of the Wayne property and abstain from working with Commissioner Gordon and the GCPD.  I don’t think this would be far-fetched. As you guys may recall, Deputy Commissioner Peter Foley always called John Blake a hothead and that side of him was shown a couple of times in TDKR. So maybe, when word of John Blake’s reckless behavior gets to Bruce (possibly via Lucius Fox) he’s forced to come out of retirement and deal with his protege himself, pitting one Batman against the other. The teacher vs the student. How sick would it be to have two Batmans in one movie?!! Two real Batmans not that hockey pad wearing guy from “The Dark Knight.” Personally I would love to see it!!! What do you guys think of the scenarios I have proposed? Would you like to see Christian Bale return as The Dark Knight?