Kanye West Makes Out With A Topless Kim Kardashian In New Video, “Bound 2”

WOW!!! This video is equal parts shocking and hilarious!! (NSFW)

Ross Lohan


Kanye West premiered the provocative music video for his new single ‘Bound 2‘ on The Ellen Show earlier this morning.

The Nick Knight-directed clip has West’s fiancé Kim Kardashian as the star, with the reality TV star making out with the rapper on a motorbike whilst topless. Considering the fact that Kim gave birth only 5 months ago, she looks incredible – her body is in the best shape it’s ever been in and her blonde hair only accentuates her beauty.

The make-out sessions and Kim bouncing on Kanye’s lap on the motorbike may get a little uncomfortable at times, but the video definitely shows how madly in love the pair are. ‘Bound 2‘ is the latest single to be taken from West’s latest album ‘Yeezus‘, available now.

Watch the uncensored version of the video for ‘Bound 2‘ below!

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