Ben Affleck Addresses The Batman Hate!!!

This past week Ben Affleck joined “Late Night WIth Jimmy Fallon” to promote his new film “Runner Runner’. During the conversation, Jimmy brought up the news that everyone and they mama knows by now, which is, Mr. Affleck being the new Batman in the upcoming Man Of Steel sequel which will have Superman and Batman on the big screen together for the first time ever. Affleck mentions how he was warned how he would be vilified by the fans and how he thought he could handle it. It’s a very entertaining segment. Check it out!!! (Video Courtesy Of NBC)

Charles Ramsey Gets The Sweet Brown Treatment!!!

I knew it would be only a matter of time before the YouTubers would take the Charles Ramsey interview and make it into a hit auto-tune song just like Sweet Brown’s “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” & the Antoine Dodson “Bed Intruder Song.” The Gregory Brothers are behind this one and they are the best in the business. They have titled this “Dead Giveaway” and they do not disappoint. Looks like they have another hit on their hands.