First Tease At New Batmobile For Man Of Steel 2 AKA Batman VS Superman!!!

First Tease Of New Batmobile For Man Of Steel 2 AKA Batman VS Superman!!!

Man Of Steel Director, Zack Snyder has tweeted a teaser image of the new Batmobile for his upcoming Man Of Steel sequel which is tentatively being called Man Of Steel 2 and/or Batman VS Superman. As we all know by now, Ben Affleck is set to portray the caped crusader in this film and everyone and their mama has been chomping at the bit for any information or footage or pictures of anything to do with this movie. Snyder himself provided the masses with that as he has tweeted an image of the new Batmobile albeit Batman’s ride is conveniently covered by a large black tarp only revealing the back wheels and something resembling bat wings on the top, similar to the Batmobile from the Tim Burton directed movies. Don’t fret yet Batfans, cause Mr. Snyder said in the tweet, “Could be time to pull the tarp…Tomorrow?” So we may just get the full reveal and look of the Batman’s ride, this time tomorrow.

Did Carmelo Secretly Tell Bulls Fans He’s Coming To Chicago???!!!


Did Carmelo Secretly Tell Bulls Fans He’s Coming To Chicago???!!! Did New York Knicks Superstar Carmelo Anthony hint to Bulls fans that he just may be wearing their team’s uniform next season? Well, not directly, but Melo did have a very intriguing tweet recently that has some NBA fans thinking the 7 time All-Star has already made a decision about what team he’s going to play for when he hits free agency this upcoming summer. While promoting a pair of his Jordan Melo M10 shoes, Anthony said “Really into this colorway for the @Jumpman23 M10 #ThisisMelo #RiseToTheMoment.” Reading that, you’d say, oh that’s nothing. But the colorway is Red, White, and Black. Bulls Baby!!!! LOL. This led to a few responses to the tweet with some people feeling like Carmelo was basically saying he’s digging the Red, White and Black because he plans on wearing those colors next year as a member of the Chicago Bulls, some even threw out the Heat but I don’t think that’s happening. If Carmelo is wearing those colors on the basketball court next season it will indeed be as a Chicago Bull. A lot can happen between now and then and Melo has a potential $129 Miilion to gain by staying in New York. That’s a lot to walk away from for any person. I personally don’t see the Knicks being good in the next year or two though, maybe even longer if they can’t sign a major free agent in the summer of 2015. So if Carmelo truly wants to win maybe he would consider doing what LeBron, and Chris Bosh did a few years ago. Go to another franchise  that could provide an opportunity to win an NBA Championship immediately, have a player option put in the deal so you can opt early (most likely after 3 years) and get the big payday then. So, no one knows where Carmelo is going to end up after this or what else is going to happen this summer, but one thing is for sure… with an NBA Playoffs that should be very exciting and fresh with a lot of new faces and teams in the hunt, multiple major stars possibly being on the free agent market, and potentially one of the deepest NBA Drafts in the last decade, the summer of 2014 is going to be EXTREMELY interesting. Sidenote: I noticed The Chicago Bulls follow Carmelo ANthony on Twitter. I know they probably follow other players as well but it’s just something I noticed. (Click The Box With The Hand Or The Highlighted Words For A Link To Melo’s Tweet)   Joshua Christmas

Rihanna & Teyana Taylor Got Beef!!!

Rihanna & Teyana Taylor Got Beef!!!

Rihanna & Teyana Taylor Got Beef!!!

The self proclaimed Good Girl Gone Bad Rihanna is at again with yet another Twitter beef. This time with GOOD Music singer Teyana Taylor. After Riri posted a video on her Instagram of her hairstylist (name not known and honestly who the hell cares?) wearing a wig and performing a parody of Taylor’s  Anita Baker “Caught Up In The Rapture” cover, Teyana posted a video of her singing the song and took to Twitter to blast Rihanna for her behavior. Rihanna better be careful. Yes, she’s a bigger star and entertainer, no question. But Ms. Taylor just may have her on the vocals. Click the box up top to read the link. (Courtesy of